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Condo Assignment Listing

Yonge and Church Corridor - 158 Front St E,One Yonge St, Canary Commons- Condo Assignment

House Townhouse Assignment- VIC TOWN and Swanpark Townhouse, NAO Town and Hampton Heights Barrie

PJ Peter/Adelaide condo. 357 King Condo Assignment ,Panda condo

Water Front Vita on the Lake, Tanu Condo Assignment, Phenix by Empire

Richmond hill ERA Condo, Highlight condo Mississauga

,Cardiff condo , Middle Town

Newest Condo pre-construction project

  • Featured Listing  Manor Road, Kingston Real Estate
    Aura By The Lake
    Type: High RiseKingston
  • Featured Listing 262 Albert St, Waterloo Real Estate
    Louie Waterloo Residences
    Type: High RiseWaterloo
  • Featured Listing 252 Church St, Toronto Real Estate
    252 Church
    Type: High RiseToronto
  • Featured Listing 125 George Street, Toronto Real Estate
    Celeste Condos
    Type: High RiseToronto
  • Featured Listing 1182 King St W, Toronto Real Estate
    XO2 Condos
    Type: High RiseToronto
  • Featured Listing , Brampton Real Estate
    Daniels MPV
    Type: High RiseBrampton
    Occupy: 2023 Read More
  • Featured Listing 8962 Jane St, Concord Real Estate
    The Fifth at Charisma
    Type: High RiseConcord
    Occupy: 2024 Read More
  • Featured Listing 770 Kingston Rd, Pickering Real Estate
    Central District Towns
    Type: High RisePickering
    Occupy: 2021 Read More
  • Featured Listing 2069 Lakeshore Road, Burlington Real Estate
    BeauSoleil Condos
    Type: High RiseBurlington
    Occupy: 2021 Read More
  • Featured Listing 225 Malta Avenue, Brampton Real Estate
    Stella 2
    Type: High RiseBrampton
    Occupy: 2026 Read More
  • Featured Listing 60 Central Park Roadway, Toronto Real Estate
    Westerly Condos 2
    Type: High RiseToronto
    Occupy: 2025 Read More
  • Featured Listing 33 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto Real Estate
    The Pemberton
    Type: High RiseToronto
    Occupy: 2027 Read More

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A little about us

I started my first condo assignment from Year 2009. It's for myself, a small but interesring investment that could turn into something big and lucrative if things go right! I found this niche market -- Assignment Sales is fascinating so decided to spend time learning all about it before making any moves or investments in hopes of finding another opportunity like mine soon enough…

To process condo assignment well, you need work with assignor, assignee , builder and their lawyers , realtors and evne accountants.  As it turned out to be un-standard procedure , you have to work with some one who specializes in this field. 

When it comes to condo assignment, you need the know how and also familiar with differnet Builder's requirement. (Builder procesure for assignments are very different so make sure that what they want is clear before starting) 

You can't list assignment sales on MLS which makes finding potential buyers difficult without knowing someone who works at an agency or building association in your city; but luckily I've compiled a guide as well! This article has everything there will ever be about buying real estate from somewhere other than traditional suburbs where prices have skyrocketed- including info about new neighborhoods coming soon such

For the past few years, I've sold 70-90 units for assignment sales yearly and that's why it is my goal to ensure you have an easy time during your condo assignment. If there are ever any questions or concerns about anything related with buying property, feel free contact me!



Jason Zhang 




Specialty: Pre Construction condos sale and condo assignment 楼花转让 New condo VVIP access

Experience: 8

Area Covered: GTA , Toronto , Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Aurora North York , Mississuagua , Markham

Townhouse assignment, VIC town, Swan Park Town.NAO TOWN , HAMPTON HEIGHS BARRIE

TANU CONDO |Phenix Condo |Vita condo assignment

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